2018 Top Small Business Credit Cards

In the world where young entrepreneurs are venturing into business every day and trying to manage the various aspects of running a business, a perfect credit card that fulfills their every need becomes a necessity. But finding the right card for your small business is no easy task as there are hundreds of options available in the market that targets the small business category when it comes to credit cards. Here, in this article, I’ve compiled the list of 2018 small business credit cards, from which you can choose the best that suits all your needs.

Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom is probably the best deal you can get when it comes to small business credit cards. The APR for the introductory 15 months is zero after which the variable annual percentage rate of interest ranges from 15.99% – 24.74%. Chase Freedom also features a cash back reward of 5% on rotating categories and a standard and unlimited 1% cash back on every purchase you make. It offers an elaborate sign-up bonus of $150 after you spend $500 in the first three months; it also offers a bonus of $25 if you refer another user to Chase Freedom.

Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card lets you earn an unlimited 1% of cash back reward on every purchase plus an additional 1% when you pay for those purchases. It has a high rewards back rate.The APR for the first 18 months is waived after that the annual percentage rate is between 14.74% to 24.74% but the APR can be variable depending on different factors. There is no annual fee as well as a 0% APR on balance transfers. Citi Double Cash Cards features no sign-up bonus and also there is a $25 of minimum redemption.

Discover it Cash Back Match

Discover it allows it’s cardholder to earn a 5% cash back in various categories such as groceries and gas station and 1% cash back on every purchase. The APR is variable from 12.24% to 24.24% per year but there is o annual percentage rate of interest for the first 14 months. There is also no annual fee and it features bonus in different categories. Discover it cash back match has a low acceptance rate from merchants which can be a bit of a problem.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash Preferred offers a number of exciting bonuses that can be very beneficial to small business. You can earn 3% cash back on groceries and gas station, 6% rewards on supermarkets and 1% cash back on every other purchase. The APR is waived for the first year after that it ranges from 14.24% to 25.24%. The annual fee is $95 but if you spend $31 per week then your expenses will offset the fee. Blue Cash Preferred Card features much sign up bonus but it is not widely accepted by merchants as Visa or Mastercard plus it has a minimum of $25 as redemption fee.