How to Make Money with Disqus The Easy Way

The initial use of Disqus for the comments column on this blog did not have excessive expectations. In fact, I wonder about Disqus. The first thing I ask, from where they can earn to be able to survive until now.

disqus money

I installed Disqus on CoolBusinessPortal for the first time on March 10, 2014. At that time I saw Disqus on foreign news sites and it was cool in my eyes. Long story short, I installed it and keep using it until now.

Since then, I have known that Disqus allows us to earn money. Unfortunately, as an Indonesian language blog, my earning submission is always rejected. I also closed the hope of being able to get income from Disqus.

Entering the fourth year, an e-mail suddenly appeared. They informed me that my blog was included in their list of plans to place ads. The e-mail also said that Disqus had just updated and it was planned that on February 6, 2018, the program would be implemented.

At first glance, this might seem encouraging, especially if the orientation is merely a matter of money. But on one hand, that means it will be a burden for the blog page. Because it will add to the burden of reloading. The only choice offered by Disqus to not display ads is to try their paid account.

There are basically three types of accounts on Disqus, first Basic as the CoolBusinessPortal uses. This account is completely free and can advertise. Secondly, plus a fee of $ 9 per month with the benefit of all the facilities in a Basic account can be used, plus there are settings on-off for advertising.

On account Plus, Disqus treats accounts specifically from small, personal, non-commercial sites that do not run any ads. They do not charge at all, aka free, except for Direct Email Support.

Third, Pro accounts for $ 89 per month. If calculated using an exchange rate of Rp13,000 per dollar, then every month we have to pay Rp1,157,000. A hefty amount for a service. But they promise that the facilities are available on Pro accounts.

Seeing that, it can be concluded that the Disqus business base is not only a comment application, but also an analysis that is considered accurate and Email Subscriptions. And many more.

Although it is possible to advertise and get additional income from Disqus, there are still gaps in the fruit of the blog owner if you do not want to install the facility. All can be arranged when setting ads on the Disqus dashboard. I will explain later.

In general, I don't understand how Disqus's judgment chooses blogs to advertise on. Either because they are doing an update and choosing my blog, or indeed at this time they have approved an Indonesian language blog. Suppose so and I apply it.

So for those of you who want to get additional income from Disqus, please try it. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your Disqus dashboard. Then enter the Settings section. Look at the top menu bar, then select the blog that you want to install if you have more than one.

Step 2: Select the Ads section on the left. Chances are if your account hasn't been activated, then it looks like the following. Click 'Activate Ads Now' in the red box.

Step 3: You will be faced with ad settings. There are three types of ads positions offered by Disqus. At the top of the animadversion column, in the middle or at the end. While there are four types of ads. There are only images, narrative stories, such as ordinary posts and videos.

But what you should pay attention to is the writing in the upper-right corner of your screen. If the aligned condition is evaluated 'Enabled Positions Preview', that means, your account does not yet meet the requirements to advertising from Disqus. Because it should, in the upper right-hand position, it says Earnings Potential.

Step 4: If your account also appears the Payment tab, then really your account is worth advertising. Incidentally, CoolBusinessPortal looks that article right under the ad settings. Please click on the button that says 'Set up or update your payment method'.

There are three processes that you must go through in arranging payments. First, fill in the address completely, the two payment methods. It can occur selected whether a bank transfer, PayPal or WU. The three tax forms. You only need to fill in the address in Indonesia to suggest that you are not really American, and after that, it's done.

If these settings have not yet appeared in your dashboard, chances are that you haven't been approved by Disqus. Once again, I also do not understand their assessment.

Step 5: Waiting for earnings. Because in the email it was explained that they owned just applied to earn on my account on February 6, 2018, so I could not conclude how much income from this program.

It's just that the payment section says that the money will be sent when it reaches the minimum threshold of $100.